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Hispanic President's Council Student Spotlight, March 2019

Leticia Gonzales, a Political Science and Psychology major, class of 2019

"I chose to come to Texas A&M because of the environment. I really liked how the core values were emphasized as an important part of the Aggie family. It was really important to me that not only did I choose a university unmatched in academia but also unmatched in what they expected from students.

There is pressure on every Latinx student leader. There's not many of us, but it's tough to have the entire community look at you for guidance. But if we don't step up, then who will. It's up to Latinx leaders to create a better campus than what was given to us. It's important for us to step up to the plate so that the next freshman student, or high school prospective student knows that they can also be hold high student leadership positions.

I have two [favorite memories]!!! I went to D.C. for a POLS class over the summer and we saw the monuments at night, and it was so nice and pretty and it will always be one of my favorite things I've ever done in college. My other favorite memory is anytime I was with my CMSA family (Edgar, Lily, Jess, and Armando) because they are some of my favorite human beings on the planet.

As a first gen student, managing everything on my own was a little daunting so the stress and anxiety that came with that was definitely something I had to overcome. The most impactful event in my time at A&M was joining CMSA, because I really grew as a leader and met some really great people that I have a lot of great memories with. "

- Leticia Gonzales, 2019

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