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Jasmine Arambula

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Jasmine Arambula, a Psychology major, class of 2019

"Throughout high school, I had no interest in attending Texas A&M University until I visited the campus the summer before my senior year. I was given the opportunity to meet with current professors and academic advisors on an individual level during my visit. The commitment from university faculty and staff to make me feel comfortable during my brief visit ultimately inspired me to apply to Texas A&M.

To me to being a Latinx leader on campus means helping my peers and my community, and ensuring that the next class of Latinx students continue to have a voice on campus. I only have the privilege of being a Latinx leader on campus because of other Latinx Aggies who came before me and paved the way for me and other Aggies to make a difference, being a leader means continuing this tradition.

While at Texas A&M, I have had the privilege of being involved in MSC CAMAC. I have many fond memories of programs and socials while being in MSC CAMAC, but my favorite thing about the organization is the emphasis on creating a "familia", or family, environment amongst the members. I have met many people through MSC CAMAC and I have created bonds that will resonate with me beyond my time at Texas A&M.

During my first year at Texas A&M, I very seriously considered withdrawing from the university. I had gotten kicked out of my major due to poor grades, and I felt as though I had not and would not find my place at A&M. I was scrambling to try to get into a new major, while trying to navigate through possibly losing my financial aid. I was ultimately able to get through this experience and continue my time at A&M, but this event increased my determination to truly seek out my "why," or purpose, at Texas A&M. This launched the beginning of my journey as a student leader by inspiring me to become a mentor for first year students in a small learning community, which eventually lead me to, and prepared me for the position I hold today: Chair of MSC CAMAC.

As I had mentioned previously, I hope to increase intentional student involvement from the Latinx student population on campus, and I hope to see more Latinx representation in leadership positions across campus." - Jasmine Arambula, 2019

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