Exectutive Board Application 2016-2017


Director of Operations: The Director of Operations shall serve as the chief internal communication officer of the council.  He/She will record and present minutes of all general council meetings, keep records of all official correspondence, and keep record of attendance and participation of all council members. He/She will also maintain a listserv of all active HPC members. He/She is also responsible for booking rooms for events and processing official documents. He/She is responsible for implementing ways to engage the Hispanic community on campus, apart from the active organizations. He/She will oversee both the Director of External Affairs and the Director of Marketing.


Director of Finance:  The Director of Finance shall serve as the Chief Financial Officer of the council.  He/She will maintain and ensure the integrity of all fiscal responsibilities, create a budget for organization events, make monthly reports as to the financial status of the council, collect moneys owed, pay bills, deposit monies into SOFC account within 24 hours of acquirement, and create applications for University funding with the assistance of the President. The Director of Finance will also identify sponsorship/fundraising opportunities, be in charge of coordinating and organization all fundraisers in the B/CS community, and take an active role in seeking and maintaining communication with sponsors from corporate or local businesses. He/she is also responsible for creating a sponsorship packet with specific information that prospective sponsors would be interested in.


Director of External Affairs:  The Director of External Programs shall serve as the primary personal contact with current umbrella organizations and Hispanic Heritage Month for the council. He/She will be responsible for preparing the agenda and leading the umbrella organization meetings, as well as be the primary contact for the Professional Hispanic Network. He/She is also responsible for updating the board on umbrella organizations’ agenda.


External Associate: The External Associate is responsible for developing relationships and collaborating with organizations not yet involved with HPC. He/She will be the primary representative on the Fusion Fiesta Committee and will collaborate with the Director of External Affairs to create a bimonthly newsletter containing HPC’s and umbrella organizations’ important information to be sent to all organizations involved with HPC. In the event the Director of External Affairs cannot be present at an umbrella organization’s meeting/event, the External Associate will take his/her place. In the event neither Director of External Affairs nor External Associate can be present, the responsibility of representation will fall to the next available board member.


Director of Marketing:  The Director of Marketing shall serve as the Chief Publicity Officer of the council. He/She is responsible for establishing the HPC brand and increasing awareness of the HPC brand through Texas A&M and the Bryan/College Station community. He/She shall communicate the public relation needs of the council through the marketing and publicizing of any programs and events specified by the calendar and as approved by the council.  The Director of Marketing shall be in charge of utilizing marketing techniques available through Texas A&M University, Bryan/College Station, and other outlying areas as they pertain to the events being executed.  He/she is responsible for creating and presenting a marketing strategy for events, brand recognition, and collateral.


Digital Media Associate: The Digital Media Associate is responsible for maintaining the HPC website, brochure, and Facebook/Twitter pages up to date.  He/She shall also be responsible for attending all events and taking pictures to use for social media purposes.


Director of Internal Programs:  The Director of Internal Programs shall be in charge of coordinating and organizing all programs and events specifically for executive officers as specified by the semester calendar and as approved by the council.  He/she shall plan social events involving HPC affiliated organizations, officer retreats, End-of-the-Year HPC Banquet, and community service opportunities on and off campus.