College of Liberal Arts 

Mariana Montes

Class of 2022

Texas A&M is my home and I want to be sure that I am doing my part to make sure that everyone feels like A&M is their home too.

My favorite thing about A&M is that we are a family. As seen through Silver Taps, Muster, and so many traditions, I have learned that Aggies care about Aggies. I hope that I will be given the opportunity to do my part to make sure those traditions include everyone. I am proud to say that we are the Aggies the Aggies are we."

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Alexia Hernandez

Class of 2022

Hometown: Houston, TX

The first issue to tackle: 

Addressing the issue of the lack of diversity in orientation programs such as Fish Camp, specifically focusing on implementing expansive outreach and accessibility initiatives to prospective underrepresented students.

"I feel that it is my duty as an Aggie to be part of the change in transforming Texas A&M from a historically inaccessible institution for marginalized groups, into a welcoming and comfortable campus for all current and future Aggies to call home. I want every Aggie, regardless of background, to feel like they truly have a place in the Aggie Family. Every student who embodies the Aggie Spirit belongs here.

My favorite thing about Texas A&M is that no matter where we grew up, what we have experienced, or who we are, that we all share the Aggie Core Values that bind us together and truly make us a remarkable Aggie family, even beyond graduation. We take care of our own and support each other through everything, and that’s a beautiful thing to witness. "

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Jocelyn Marrufo

Class of 2021

Hometown: Dallas, TX.

"I would like to tackle the issue of pushing more meaningful legislation in Student Senate. In my time as a senator, I was able to write and pass legislation supporting the undocumented community at Texas A&M, however, these types of legislation rarely were brought to the senate floor. Many times senators stayed in line, and did not go further than acknowledging the mainstream communities on campus. There were a few select pieces of legislation that went out of the way to extend support to minority communities, but for the most part it did not feel as if senate was used to its full potential. In returning to senate, I would like to ensure that senate faculties are used to their full advantage to stand with and support all communities, but namely minority communities.

I see that there are still minority communities on campus that feel underrepresented and excluded from majority campus culture, and I want to fight to make all feel welcome. In Aggieland, "We are the Aggies, and the Aggies are We," but we often forget what that means. We allow divides to keep us from uniting as Aggies, and we shouldn't. All Aggies should be welcomed and feel included on campus. 

My favorite thing about Texas A&M is the community I have found. I love the welcoming nature and the family connections I have found at Texas A&M. I was fortunate to find my family early on in my journey at A&M, and have had a network of support since."

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