La Familia is an initiative that aims to increase the representation of the Hispanic and Latinx communities at Texas A&M University. The main goal of the program is to provide guidance and resources to members of the Hispanic/Latinx community during their campaign/term at Texas A&M Student Senate. 

La Familia has helped several of its candidates become leaders on campus. 

Current Senators:

Sofia Chunga (Caucus: Off-Campus)

Victor Ferro (Caucus: College of Engineering)

David Garcia (Caucus: Off-Campus)

Yovanka Carolyn Gonzalez (Caucus: Mays School of Business)

Alexia Hernandez (Caucus: College of Liberal Arts)

Jocelyn Marrufo (Caucus: College of Liberal Arts)

Mariana Montes (Caucus: College of Liberal Arts)

Betzaida Perez Gomez (Caucus: College of Engineering)

Clarissa Rodriguez (Caucus: College of Engineering)

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